The air conditioning system consists of an external unit ( condensing unit ), which is inserted into the Leonardo pedestal; an indoor unit that is delivered to the yacht; and a 10-meter long sheathed pipe that connects the two units, of which contain two pipes of the refrigerant gas and the low-voltage cable for temperature regulation.

The outdoor unit can be inserted and removed like a drawer in all Leonardo pedestals and is powered through a dedicated socket (110 volts version available). The heat exchange takes place through the sea water. A self-priming pump, by means of two hose pieces connected with quick couplings, circulates the sea water. The two pieces are submerged into the sea.

The compressed gas (fluid) from the outdoor unit is transported by small pipes to the indoor unit (split). The two pipes, being small and equipped with special couplings, can easily be introduced into the boat through the portholes, manholes, or small windows.

The indoor unit is directly powered from one of the sockets on the yacht (110 volts version available). It has a digital thermostat to set the desired temperature and the speed of the fan. It is also equipped with an automatic system for ejection of the condensate.

The air conditioning system provides fresh air in summer and heating during winter through its heat pump.
Using sea water for heat exchange, you get increased performance and low power consumption (13.000 BTU).

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